Luxury Floral Arrangements

Luxury Flower Arrangements

Dianthus Miami collection of luxury floral arrangements is sure to captivate your guests or your loved ones.

Our exotic bouquets, luscious blooms, and rich color palettes are an absolute dream and are worthy of distinction. You use or send these flowers when you want to make a bold statement.

Choose from any of our exquisite designs. We use popular red roses, lilies, Dendrobium orchids, tulips, pincushion protea, and more to design luxury floral arrangements that are pleasing to the eyes. When you order one of our luxury arrangement, you are sure to add a touch of elegance to your event or capture your loved one heart.

Dianthus is Miami’s top luxury florists. Whether it be corporate floral design, luxury floral arrangements, or premium floral collection, we meticulously execute each floral arrangements, with careful attention to details.

For the best design in trending luxury floral arrangements, collaborate with us. Call 786 781 7440 today or send us an email at