The flowers that love to live by the sea

At Dianthus Miami, we’re used to designing floral arrangements for cruise ships and yachts. So we have to think about where our flowers are going to go: on crowded passenger cruises or in luxurious private spaces, on deck or in state rooms. And of course, we have to pick blooms which will thrive and look lovely at sea.

So for our latest blogpost, we thought we’d take a look at the flowers which love to live by the sea. Here are some of our favorite coastal blooms.

Sea holly

It’s right there in the name! Sea holly is a bright, silver and purple plant that thrives in sandy beach gardens. Its beautiful petals, like the stems of a snowflake, add elegant lines to any floral arrangement.

Armeria maritima

This bright pink plant is also known as “thrift” - but there’s nothing mean about it. Its tiny, round flowers pop up in rock gardens or along stony beaches.

Sea kale

Sea kale looks a little bit different from the kale you can buy at the store. Instead of deep green, its leaves are a silvery greenish-blue – just like ocean waves on an early spring day. It’s in season right now, adding beautiful foliage to floral arrangements. And – yes – it is edible.

Cordyline australis

Here’s another plant to add green shoots and leaves to your floral pieces. Cordyline looks like a tiny, slender palm tree, with green leaves bordered in a gentle yellow. It grows all year round.

Sea breeze

Here’s another cheerful flower that brings a pop of color. Sea breeze has a bright, large yellow center, bordered with pink and white petals. It’s almost like an enormous, tropical daisy. It can grow in almost any conditions, and it’s great for wildlife, too.

South American verbena

Finally, one more bloom to end the list. This variety of verbena grows very tall, and tops its stems with cones of tiny pink and purple flowers. Use it to add color and height to floral arrangements.