How to keep floral arrangements fresh – even at sea

The right floral arrangement completes the interior design of your yacht or cruise ship, as well as bringing color and pleasant scents. But how do you keep flowers fresh at sea? Here are a few quick tips and suggestions from the experts.


This one is so obvious, we hardly need to say it! Make sure your flowers are kept in fresh water, with regular top-ups. Vases should be cleaned and sterilized regularly.

If you keep floral arrangements in a very hot room, you might also want to spray the blooms from time to time so that they stay fresh. Alternatively, choose pot plants which won’t need to be freshened up quite so often.


Flowers need light – but not too much! If you want your floral arrangements on board to last longer, then try to keep them out of direct sunlight.


Here’s another point which is related to the amount of light on your yacht. Just as flowers need the correct amount of light, they also need the correct amount of heat. Too cold, and they’ll freeze; too hot, and they’ll wilt fast.

Make sure your floral arrangements are kept at a consistent temperature, with plenty of space and air around them. If you want to install a floral arrangement in an especially busy space – for example, a restaurant on board a cruise ship – then choose hardy flowers with a spacious design.

Fresh flowers

Finally, there’s the best solution. Instead of trying to make flowers last too long, just freshen up your arrangements with new blooms! We deliver to yachts, ships and cruise liners all over the world.