Cruise ship industry steams ahead on sustainability

This week, we learned that cruise ships are taking the lead on sustainability. Cruise ship designers are some of the first in the naval field to work on cleaner, environmentally-friendly ships. And Dianthus Miami is also part of the drive for “green”, sustainable cruises.

Passengers value sustainability

Cruise ships are responding to what customers want. It’s not just about reducing costs; it’s about showing that cruise companies care about the environment, and preserving the seas they sail on. That’s one reason why cruise ships now use up to 70% less fuel than 20 years ago.

How Dianthus Miami supports sustainability

In our last blog post, we shared our experience as on-site coordinator for the 2019 Broward County Waterway Cleanup. We worked alongside the community, Scout troops, and the National Honor Society to protect Rotary Park and Boat Launch.

But our commitment to the environment is every day – not just once a year. We work with local flowers and florists whenever possible. It’s all part of our ethos of supporting the local environment and economy.

The future of cruise ships and sustainability

When passengers travel on cruise ships, they want an experience which combines luxurious comfort with magnificent nature. So it’s in the interests of the cruise industry to protect the seas from environmental damage.

Every detail of a cruise is an opportunity for sustainability. For example, while we already use locally-sourced flowers, how else could we make cruise ship flowers more sustainable? Floral arrangements can show the best of our environment, and help remind passengers of the importance and beauty of nature.


Dianthus Miami is committed to sustainability, and bringing modern floral design to the cruise ship industry. We’re excited to see how those two goals work together.