A very short history of Dutch florists

Here at Dianthus, we’re very proud of our roots. We started creating floral arrangements 22 years ago in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and we’ve never forgotten our heritage. So we wanted to share some of that history with you.

The Netherlands has always led the way in terms of flowers. It was the first country in Europe to import tulips from the Ottoman Empire, way back in the 16th century. At one point, these colorful flowers were so valuable that people used them as currency!

There are still tulip festivals in the Netherlands every year, and in cities around the world, including New York. Or as it used to be called – New Amsterdam! Dutch people coming to make a life in America brought tulips and tulip festivals with them, and have never lost their traditions.

The first horticultural college and the first professional florist qualifications were also created in the Netherlands. And we’re proud that our team is part of that tradition – our creative director Walter Vermeulen is also a Master Florist. That’s the highest rank you can achieve in floristry.

Dutch flower arrangements have their own unique style. We use contemporary designs that are created for the specific place and occasion where they appear, and we like to use lots of greens and local blooms. If you ever notice stone, bark or moss included in one of our arrangements, then you could be looking at a Dutch Garden arrangement!

Over the years, we’ve brought Dianthus flower arrangements all over the world, for all kinds of events. We’ve even designed floral arrangements for the Dutch Royal Family. And we’re proud to share the Dutch floral tradition with you, too.