Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King set sail on exclusive “Girls’ Getaway” Cruise

On January 30th, Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King will set sail for the Bahamas—along with over 2,000 of their best girl friends. The trip lasts for three days, including a visit to private island Half Moon Cay. The Girls’ Getaway cruise celebrates “the special bond between women”. And it just happens to be one day after Oprah’s 65th birthday!

The girls’ trip will take place on the Nieuw Statendam, the latest luxury cruise liner by Holland America Line. The ship, which measures 975 feet and can hold 2,650 guests, has been decorated with exquisite flower arrangements by Dianthus Miami.

In honor of the star, Holland America Line has named Oprah the godmother of the Nieuw Statendam. “We are so excited to have Oprah set sail with us again for the “Girls’ Getaway cruise in partnership with “O, The Oprah Magazine”, said the president of Holland America Line, Orlando Ashford. “We’re deeply honored that she will serve as godmother of Nieuw Statendam.” 

During the cruise, passengers will enjoy a range of activities, from “Conversations with Oprah” to a book club and fashion advice sessions. The “Just Breathe” activity, with guided movement and meditation, will be held poolside, surrounded by the beautiful scents and colors of the floral arrangements.

Before the Nieuw Statendam leaves her berth at Fort Lauderdale and sets sail, the artists at Dianthus will fill the cruise liner with flowers from bow to stern. With over 22 years’ experience, they are more than ready for the job. Dianthus already makes daily floral deliveries to more than 30 cruise ships worldwide—so the Nieuw Statendam will fit right in!

How to make your Cut flowers last longer FROM DIANTHUS MIAMI.


Flower food. If you’ve ever thrown away a packet that comes with your stems, you’re doing your bouquet a disservice. A packet of flower food contains sugar to feed the flowers, bleach—or something like it—to keep bacteria from growing, and acid to lower the pH of the water so that the flowers can “eat” more effectively. Flower food will keep your fresh flowers longer.


On the flip side here are tricks that some people swear by, but don’t work well:

1) Pennies: Some people say that adding a couple pennies to the bottom of your vase will help your flowers last longer because the copper in the pennies inhibits bacteria growth. The problem is that the copper inside a penny isn’t soluble, meaning it won’t transfer from the penny to the flowers.

2) Aspirin: Another trick that people consider is to add aspirin to the water. While some people swear by this trick, Real Simple’s tests showed that it not only didn’t help the flowers, it caused them to die quicker.

3) Bleach: Some people also say that adding bleach to the water helps flowers last longer. The trick though is not adding too much — a couple of drops can help bacteria from growing in the vase, but more than that will bleach your stems a sickly white.


1) Flower food:  If you got packets of flower food with your bouquet, use them! This will keep your fresh flowers longer as the food provides lots of benefits. 

2) 45º TRIM: It’s important to trim your bouquet at a 45-degree angle right before you place it in water since that will help the bottom of the plants suck up the most water. 

3) COOL SETTING: Be sure to keep your bouquet in a cool place away from direct sunlight and ripening fruit, which will cause them to bloom faster. 

4) NO FLOATIES: Make sure that there are no leaves floating in the water, which will grow bacteria. 

5) CLEAN WATER: And finally, change the water every other day to keep it fresh.

Enjoy these tips from Dianthus Miami, the Experts in Flora, and contact us for additional details on beautiful flowers that suit your needs.